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Aretha Portugal Vision Fund, FCR

Aretha Portugal Vision Fund, FCR is a regulated Venture Capital Fund authorised by the CMVN - the Portuguese Securities Market Commission. Investments above a certain threshold are eligible for Portugal's Golden Visa.

Golden Visa Eligible Investment

Minimum Participation

Minimum Participation in the Fund is

50 thousand Euros.

Golden Visa investors must invest at least 500 thousand Euros as per

ARI Regulations.

Path to Citizenship

Investors can apply for Permanent Residence and Citizenship after 5 years of legal residence provided they have fulfilled certain conditions including annual stay in Portugal and have held the investment for the entire tenure. 

Program Track Record

Since 2012, 10,170 investors have invested over 6.05 Billion Euros via this Program (as at November 2021).

Leading applicants include 5,001 from China, 1,038 from Brazil, 476 from Turkey, 422 from South Africa and

409 from Russia.


Investors are eligible for Residence Permits of Portugal which entitles them to reside in Portugal as well as travel freely within the Schengen Area. Investors can include their spouse, minor children, major children under 25 (in some cases) and parents.

Non-habitual Tax Regime

Investors can apply for non-habitual tax regime in consultation with their tax advisors. This regime provides a favourable taxation system for new immigrants for a period of 10 years.

Golden Visa Expenses

Each applicant is required to pay government fees for Residence Permits.


Initial - 5,325 Euros per person 

Each Renewal - 2,663 Euros per person

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