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About Us


Founder's Message

Thank you for your interest in our Firm. 

I started Aretha Capital Partners with a very simple objective - to help families identify meaningful investment opportunities which add value to their life and finances! Since starting up in 2019, we have had the opportunity to connect with individuals from varied backgrounds, financial status and goals. It has amazed me how different we are from one another, yet very similar in setting objectives for our families.

With our sister company - Novyy Technologies, we are improving on real estate ownership and asset management models developing technologies to reduce costs and enhance inclusion. 

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Our Philosophy

Capital Protection

Protecting and preserving capital investment is a key driver of our product design. We use technology within the means of applicable laws to ensure that our clients' capital has legal title and is protected. While we are innovative, we only challenge status quo, not legal frameworks. 

Let’s Start Working Together!

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